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  • Pharmacogenetic testing provides evidence-based, actionable data that creates a personalized perspective for clinicians. This will help healthcare providers tailor any treatment plans to patients’ specific needs and provides insight into unexpected drug monitoring results.

  • The advancement of genetic research has led the healthcare community to have a greater understanding and the importance of genetics in all disease states. As a result, this has created a much higher demand for pharmacogenetic testing.

  • Personalized medicine uses not only genetic makeup but also lifestyle behavior as well as any other risk factors.

• Over 100,000 of Americans die each year due to medication related issues, and over 770,000 of Americans are hospitalized each year

due to Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs)


• 2.2 Million Severe Drug Reactions each year 


• ADR’s result in $177 Billion in increased direct health care costs each year 


• ADR’s are the cost leader for malpractice payouts 


• ADR’s 3rd Leading cause of deaths ahead of heart disease and cancer

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